Impact survey

Sheffield City Council are asking businesses to complete an impact survey. In their statement they say

‘Covid-19 has impacted on us all. Businesses need help, support and guidance to recover, rebuild and thrive again. Understanding the impact that Covid-19 has had on local businesses and how they have responded during the lockdown will provide hugely valuable data and insights to help us to build a stronger and more inclusive economy.

We need to look at the needs of different businesses and sectors in our economy. This survey covers all businesses but in the future we will be asking for input from specific sectors and different types of businesses.

Your experience matters. Your insights matter. Your business matters.

Please complete this survey now to help us to start shaping the future.

We’ll use your responses to help us to plan and coordinate local support and to inform our discussions with central  government about the support and funding you need

All data will be collected, held and used in accordance with GDPR legislation. For more information see the SCC website.’

If you can, please complete the impact survey –