New VAT rules for some vouchers

Who is this for?

Business that issue vouchers to customers which they can exchange for goods or services and are VAT registered.

When does it start?

1 January 2019

What’s happening?

From 1 January 2019 vouchers will fall into tow categories:

  1. Single purpose
  2. Multi-purpose

VAT will be triggered depending on what the voucher entitles your customer to:

  1. Single purpose – VAT will be triggered when you supply the voucher
  2. Multi-purpose – VAT will be triggered when the customer redeems the voucher

The new rules do not apply to discount vouchers.

Single purpose vouchers

Where the precise nature of the supply is know at the time the voucher is issued. For example a beauty salon sells a customer a voucher which can only be used in exchange for a hair cut.

Multi-purpose vouchers

Where a person is obliged to accept a voucher, or the goods or service for which it can be used as payment, are stated in its terms of use; and the voucher can, but doesn’t have to be, transferred as a gift. For example an One4All gift card.

For more information read HMRC guidance


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