Construction Industry Scheme – subcontractor verifications

What is changing?

In February 2016, HMRC told us about some improvements they were going to make to the construction Industry Scheme (CIS) online verification service. During their technical consultation exercise in December 2015, they also told us that their proposal was for verifications to become mandatory, and that from April 2017, contractors must use an approved method of electronic communication to verify their subcontractors.

What does that mean for you?

From April 2017 HMRC will no longer accept any telephone calls to verify subcontractors, so you will have to verify your subcontractors using:

  • The free HMRC CIS online software, or
  • Commercial CIS software

This change is one of a series of improvements HMRC have made to CIS to increase efficiency and accuracy, and to reduce administration. These have also included the ability to amend returns online, and the addition of an online message and alert service.


How we can help

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